JMS Wins $260,000 in Case Against Broker

JMS Wins $260,000 in Case Against Broker

Attorneys Rich Meisner and Thomas Jardim of Jardim, Meisner & Susser, P.C., won a $260,000 award for the Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group in an action against former employee Donald Lee Watson, Jr., who allegedly misrepresented his earnings for a previous employer.

The FINRA Office of Dispute Resolution granted the award. Mr. Watson received a $200,000 transition bonus based on an allegedly false claim that he generated $700,000 in revenue for a previous employer. Brokers often get a cash advance when hired.

Mr. Watson is alleged to have overstated his book of business, exaggerated a hiring bonus he received from a past employer, and presented a false client list.

Read more about the decision at Investment News.

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