Jardim Meisner & Susser corporate attorneys provide services to small and medium-sized business entities, investors and executives in connection with a wide range of corporate transactions and business governance issues. Our attorneys are active in the full life-cycle of business development, whether it involves forming a new business entity, helping our clients to raise capital through equity or debt financing, restructuring, selling or acquiring a business or division, improving upon corporate governance, real estate transactions, or closing a merger or consolidation transaction.

A Unique Perspective

Our corporate practice is different than other firms in several critical ways. First, our corporate attorneys have extensive backgrounds, having worked “in house” as senior legal executives for Fortune 100 public corporations and large global top-tier law firms, as well as small boutique corporate law firms. Our attorneys not only have decades of corporate experience as lawyers but also as corporate “clients.” This allows us to provide perspective and advice that is insightful, creative and highly efficient.

Second, many of our corporate clients became clients when they were individuals. Our attorneys understand that, even when the client is a business entity, that business entity is being managed by individuals and executives who take on a personal and legal responsibility for the management and success of the entity, and pour their hearts and souls into managing their businesses for their investors. Our unique understanding of the management of the business entity enhances our ability to provide smart and effective counsel.

Recently, our firm has assisted clients with numerous corporate transactions and business services, including the sale of business assets; the sale of stock; corporate restructuring; the acquisition of an employer’s business unit; complex commercial real estate acquisitions; executive investment in private equity of an employer; and executive retirement through sale of private equity investment. Together with our litigation team, our corporate division helps shareholders, investors and executives solve complex corporate disputes.