Our trusts and estates litigation attorneys are experienced in representing fiduciaries (trustees, administrators, executors), beneficiaries, and parties in the many phases of trusts and estates litigation.

Among the matters we handle include:

  • Estate disputes
  • Identification and location of heirs
  • Issues regarding the appointment of an administrator/executor
  • Orders to show cause to prevent the distribution of assets and seeking other equitable relief
  • Partitions of property
  • Petitions to waive requisite bonds
  • Removal/substitution of executors/administrators
  • Will contests (including allegations of undue influence, testator intent/will construction/interpretation, lack of capacity, and will construction/interpretation)
  • Will probate

Our attorneys are also experienced in investigating and prosecuting instances of executor misconduct as well as the discovery of assets. Whether the trusts and estate matter is simple or complex, our attorneys stand prepared to assist you in an economical and efficient manner.

For more information about our trusts and estate litigation practice, contact Dennis Gleason and Matthew Abrams.