Government Represention

The attorneys of Jardim Meisner Salmon Sprague & Susser, P.C. have substantial experience in representing government entities. We have represented and advised governmental entities in a wide range of issues, providing legal opinions, drafting key documents, participating in meetings with our government clients – whether scheduled, special, or emergent, and monitoring and advising on changes in the law or regulations that would have an impact for our clients.

Our experience serving governmental entities comes both from within and as outside counsel. Tom Jardim has served as mayor of Westfield from 1997-2001, and possesses a level of knowledge of the inner workings of New Jersey municipal, county, and state government that few firms can approach. Moreover, our attorneys have served as general and special counsel to New Jersey state and a number of New Jersey counties, municipalities, and public agencies.

We offer our public entity clients a wide range of legal services, including (i) litigation in a diverse range of practice areas, before a variety of forums (federal and state court and administrative venues), where we take cases from inception to conclusion (trial, arbitration, mediation, and appeal); (ii) advisory; and (iii) transactional. Below is a sampling of some of the types of legal representation that Jardim, Meisner & Susser can provide to our public entity clients:


We have the resources and knowledge to defend local governments against claims that include: ​
Business Law, including:
Civil Rights Law, including:
Construction Law, including:
Employment Law, including:
Government Law, including:
Police/Traffic/Road Matters, including:
Property Rights Law including: ​
Tort Law, including:
Taxation (state and local), including:


Beyond litigation, we also offer far-sighted advice and counsel designed to protect our clients’ interests and avoid legal entanglements. For each one of the litigation bullet points listed above, our attorneys stand ready to guide our public entity clients in avoiding potential disputes.
Specifically, our attorneys have the experience to provide their guidance on all facets of government, municipal, and agency law, including: ​


Jardim Meisner Salmon Sprague & Susser, P.C. also provides representation in business transactions and negotiations including deals involving:

Additionally, our attorneys are well versed in non-profit law and stand ready to assist our clients in ensuring that any transaction that they undertake complies with all laws governing public entities.

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