Insurance Coverage and Defense

When businesses and individuals suffer significant losses, they may be able to mitigate those losses by seeking recovery under insurance policies. The lawyers at Jardim Meisner Salmon Sprague & Susser, P.C., have decades of experience handling insurance-related disputes, both on behalf of policyholders seeking to obtain coverage as well as insurers and reinsurers. Our Insurance Coverage and Defense group is ready, willing, and able to use this experience to create the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our attorneys have handled coverage issues for clients ranging from large conglomerates to individuals, not only under standard Commercial General Liability, Homeowner’s and Automobile policies, but also under Directors and Officers Liability policies, Errors and Omissions policies, Professional Disability policies, life insurance policies and various specialty policies unique to certain industries. We have tackled complex long-tail asbestos and environmental coverage questions as well as smaller coverage claims resulting from storms and other natural disasters.
We are well-versed in complicated insurance questions such as:

Personal Injury Protection ("PIP")

Jardim Meisner Salmon Sprague & Susser, P.C. has the privilege of representing a wide range of health care professionals (including, but not limited to, orthopedists, chiropractors, radiology groups, pain management facilities, and acupuncture professionals) to help them recover reimbursement for services under New Jersey’s PIP law. Best of all, our services to such professionals are absolutely free.

We have achieved a high provider-reimbursement rate for PIP matters, and our firm has the ability to handle high volumes of cases and turn them around quickly. We provide the following benefits to our PIP medical provider clients: ​
Our group is well known by PIP insurance providers and arbitrators, who regard us as dedicated attorneys knowledgeable about a wide array of PIP-related subjects that often form the battlegrounds for disputes, especially medical necessity, timely and full compliance with PIP law, and the appropriate use of CPT Codes. We also stand ready to provide presentations to your staff to ensure that there is strict compliance with both PIP rules and insurance policy requirements.

Workers' Compensation

Our Workers Compensation Law attorneys have extensive experience representing employers throughout New Jersey. Our practice model focuses on individual attorney file ownership from conception to closure with aggressive claims handling. Our clients include public and private employers, insurers, self-insured entities, and third-party administrators, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We appear before workers’ compensation judges and appellate panels, state courts and agencies, and at all federal court levels. Our work includes counseling clients on managing risk and averting litigation, assisting with the design and implementation of return-to-work programs, and helping coordinate workers’ compensation policies for multistate businesses.

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