Intellectual property requires that certain steps be taken to create, preserve, or enforce those protections.  The attorneys at Jardim, Meisner & Susser, P.C. will advise clients at each step of that process and provide counseling and representation in intellectual property disputes – both enforcing and defending.

Quality Counsel

Dennis F. Gleason leads the firm’s intellectual property practice.

Mr. Gleason is an experienced litigator at both the state and federal level and has been engaged in intellectual property for years.  For example, he has successfully enforced the rights of a patent owner against an infringing company in federal court.  In 2001, the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education selected him to be the moderator of the “Litigating Intellectual Property Cases” event.  Mr. Gleason has also created and defended trademark rights for clients in administrative proceedings and continually deals with copyright and trade secret matters.

Protecting All Intellectual Property Rights


On the counseling side, we investigate the patentability of an idea, as not all ideas can be patented.  Even if an idea can be patented, we assist in determining the advisability of whether it should be patented, as it may not be worth your time, effort, or money.  We also assist in licensing patent rights.  As part of our litigation services, we provide: analysis of potential infringement; strategies for addressing claims or defenses of infringement; and representation in patent litigation, including appeals.

Trademark and Trade Dress

Trademarks create and protect brand equity.  Our attorneys provide consultation and advice regarding the eligibility of trademarks and trade dress for protection, whether they can be registered or not, and whether and where to register them.  We register trademarks, analyze potential infringement, and create strategies for uncovering third-parties abetting the infringement, such as counterfeit products and cybersquatting.  We also create comprehensive licensing schemes to license marks.  We represent parties in challenges to federal trademark registrations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in federal district court, and appellate courts regarding trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising.


Copyrights protect creative works such as art and music, but also things like source code.  Like trademarks, we offer consultation and advice on the registration of copyrights; analysis of potential infringement; and strategies for ceasing third-party infringement.  And like trademarks, we are experienced attorneys who represent parties in litigated disputes over claims of copyright infringement.

Trade Secrets

We provide counseling to parties on what is protectable information and how to best protect confidential information from public disclosure, based on the circumstances of the client.  And when there is breach of the confidentiality, we serve to represent our clients in litigation regarding allegations of disclosure of protected information, be it under the common law, state statute or federal law, such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Insurance Coverage

Although not directly part of the intellectual property area, we provide counseling and litigation services in connection with obtaining insurance and filing claims under applicable insurance policies, for which there may be coverage to claims of infringement.

We Are Committed

Jardim, Meisner & Susser, P.C. offers a flexible approach to our intellectual property services so that individual entrepreneurs, start-up companies, as well small and mid-size companies can benefit from them.

For more information on the firm’s Intellectual Property practice group, contact Dennis Gleason to discuss what we can do for you.