Our firm provides legal services for some specific family law practice areas, particularly those involving post-divorce or non-dissolution family issues.

Child-Related Issues

We are skilled in preparing and enforcing child custody agreements, whether custody is physical or legal, and whether such custody arrangement is alternating, shared, joint, sole, or split. We represent either the primary residential custody parent, or the alternate residential custody parent. In drafting child custody agreements, we counsel our clients to achieve an agreement that works for all parties, with each child’s best interest being paramount in its preparation. Once drafted, we advise clients on issues that develop as a result of the other parent’s breach of the agreement, or when there is a change in circumstances that needs to be dealt with or brought to the Court’s attention. We also enforce parenting time and address issues resulting from one parent’s geographic relocation.

Similarly, we are well versed in issues concerning child support. Among our services, we apply the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, enforce prompt payment obligations, and address a parent’s change of circumstances. We also can seek (or oppose) modifications to child support, particularly when issues develop involving college expenses, extra-curricular expenses, and emancipation.

Throughout our representation, we take great care in securing each child’s emotional health, and try to make such disputes as non-confrontational as possible. Nonetheless, we are zealous advocates who vigorously support our clients’ positions.

Modification of Marital Settlement Agreement

What is fair and equitable (or judicially determined to be so) at the time of divorce may no longer be appropriate or applicable as time goes on. We counsel and represent clients seeking (or opposing) modification or enforcement by the courts based on a variety of factors. Some issues that we are asked to address deal with modification or enforcement of alimony and insurance-related expenses.

Guardianship/Powers of Attorney

Another difficult time in a family’s life is when a family member suffers from or faces a progressing mental or physical disability or incapacitation. Our services include filing (or opposing) a Court petition to establish guardianship. Such filings may be contested or uncontested, and we represent clients under either situation. We guide clients through this process, working with court-appointed attorneys and medical practitioners to determine what is appropriate for the person for whom a guardianship is sought. Jardim, Meisner & Susser’s attorneys are able to serve in the capacity of a guardian.
Depending on the extent of the infirmity or incapacity, we are alternatively able to prepare powers of attorney for: (i) certain financial services only; and/or (ii) medical decisions. We can also serve as the agent/attorney-in-fact under the power of attorney.

Our approach in providing representation for these matters is to serve the best interest of the infirmed/incapacitated person and their family. We pride ourselves on being patient and sympathetic to the needs of the family, and genuinely caring about their situation.